Aalto University Media Lab Students’ Exhibition in Seoul Korea May 26th-31st 2019

Venue: School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies, aSSIST, Finland Tower

Address: 203 Shinchon-ro Seodaemun-gu Seoul

Seven Students from Finland, Aalto Media Lab, will exhibit for the second time in Seoul. The ideation for this year’s exhibition started with approaching Korean poems called ‘sijos’ and ended up with the theme ‘When Light Echoes’. The outcome of the exhibition is a space specific digital art experience which explores the etherealness of light creating a magical, unworldly like experience.

A light echo is a phenomenon caused by light reflecting off surfaces and returning to the observer with a relative delay. In this installation built by Media Lab students of Aalto University, the viewer may observe the input of their hand motion returned to them in an audiovisual form.
Move your hand slowly inside the frame, and examine how the visuals and sound reflect your movement.

The work itself was created with the motion sensing device Kinect and the softwares of Processing and Pure Data.

The Progress

  • Interaction with the Installation

  • Interaction with the Installation

  • Installation and Screen

  • Waiting for interaction


This installation has been created by following students from Aalto Media Lab, School of Arts, Design and Architecture:

Hanna Thenor Årström

New Media Design and Production

John Lee

New Media Design and Production

Punit Hiremath

New Media Design and Production

Reishabh Kailey

New Media Design and Production

Olli Ketonen

Sound in New Media

Sannimari Honkanen

New Media Design and Production

Thu Nguyen

New Media Design and Production

Producer and Tutor

Pipsa Asiala

Assistant Producer in Seoul

Jung Huh
New Media and Interaction Design MA Student in KAIST, Korea

Special thanks to

Without these people the project would not have been possible. Thank you very much for your support and help for realizing this project:

Aalto University

Hannu Seristö, Aalto external relations
Andres Lucero, interaction design
Niko Luoma, content development
David Lewis, branding

aSSIST Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies:

Tae Hyun Kim, President
Sung il-Yoon, managing director
Haemi Park, assistant
Dae Hwan Kim, real estate manager
Jae-man Heo, assistant
Mike Cho, architect of Finland Tower

Tech Sponsoring in Seoul:

LG Electronics, Sunnie Lee, marketing communication team

Embassy of Finland, Seoul

Eero Suominen, Ambassador
Hanna Puumala, communication assistant